Complexity Simplified

BR Smith is a solutions, execution and delivery consulting firm that creates innovative techniques and strategies for small business, non-profit, government and corporate entities.

A Recipe for Greatness
The visionary behind BRSmith has entered the entrepreneurship environment with her two great passions, “Cooking and Helping People”. She utilizes her unique ability to connect the right people for the right business situation, and with the atmosphere of

Comfort, Trust, Satisfaction, and Quality

that people experience when they taste her “good cooking”. By bringing this unique blend and “Recipe for Greatness” to the table of business, BRSmith provides a careful combination of the right ingredients of

“Passion, Experience, Knowledge, Execution and Delivery”

Program Management

- Campaign Management

– Assessment and Feasibility

– Reporting and Accountability

Business Development

- New Product Launch

– Training and Development

– Assessment and Feasibility

Small Business Growth

- Stabilization

– Accountability of current state

– Path to desired future state

New Product Launch

- Preparation, planning, delivery of product and services.

Training and Support

- Diversity Support

– Execution Delivery

– HR Support

Why BRSmith?
BRSmith’s goal is to “simplify complexities” most people, organizations and entrepreneurs experience through our program offerings.

The BRSmith team has been employed by the world’s top high tech, marketing, consulting, manufacturing, and hospitality firms with experience in:

Program Management | Brand Management | Process Improvement

Business Operations | Finance | Supply Chain | Human Resources | Supplier Diversity

We collectively have the right recipe of skills and experience to establish the “ultimate recipe” for your path to success.

Brenda Smith

CEO & Founder

Brenda is dedicated to making your
dreams and ideas a reality.

Our process begins with an in depth assessment of your current environment. Please contact us today for a 30-minute assessment to determine how we can help you simplify the complexity in your environment!

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